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GoalTree Consulting - Empowerment Through Problem-Solving Logic

Regardless of whether we are talking about business challenges or about global governance problems like for example climate protection: In order to have a rational discussion and for developing good solutions, we need a suitable methodology for description and analysis of complex problems. Unfortunately we have not learned anything like that in school.

I'm developing a set of methods of agile problem-solving logic which are based to a large part on applying the “logical thinking process” of the Theory of Constraints.

Business Coaching

Business coaching is a good way through which the methods of agile problem-solving logic can be applied to the challenges which you're currently facing.

Business coaching can be one-on-one or with a group. In the latter case, it will likely be part of a special event.

One-on-one coaching is usually conducted by means of three coaching sessions per month, either through in-person meetings or via electronic means of communication:

Please contact me for a free trial coaching session.

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